The Tech Monsters is an educational
project created in Omaha, Nebraska.
The Tech Monsters (TTM) is a series of labs intended to increase familiarity, foster curiosity, and ultimately enable children to utilize technology to monitor and interact with the physical world.


Engaging Experiences enable students to understand the connection between the physical and digital worlds.

One to One Technology enables engaging student experiences exploring the natural world.

Early Positive Experiences with technology and the natural world enable students to lead happier and more productive lives and in turn create more vibrant communities.


In their early days of adventuring, Miles, Michael, and Adam worked together fighting monsters and solving riddles, playing tabletop games. Even though their days of goblin tracking and treasure hunting are over they are still working together and solving problems.

Growing up in the Midwest, they couldn’t help but appreciate the scale of modern agriculture. Common interests in gardening, technology, and their community have led them to consider agriculture’s increasingly complicated future. With the increasing complexity, the people of our communities are challenged to learn and adapt on a regular basis. New skills are needed as new technologies are deployed in the field. The same is true for most other disciplines: changing technology brings advancements but also challenges.



Being tech literate makes these transitions and challenges less scary and more manageable. Tech literacy is gained through many positive experiences with a variety of technologies. We were fortunate enough to have some outstanding and supportive people in our lives who encouraged our inborn curiosity and allowed us to build our comfort with technology. Not everyone is so lucky: without early positive experiences many are fearful of these new technologies and the changes they bring.

In 2014 The Tech Monsters were given the opportunity to share some of their skills. They created a supportive and positive space for students to develop tech literacy. The first module is a series of eight hands on labs. Each lab focuses on a technology. For example: microscopes, aquatic ecosystems, low voltage circuits, and programming. Using these engaging examples we provide opportunity for students to create positive memories with technology.


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Michael, Co-Founder

In addition to Co-Founding The Tech Monsters, Michael develops curriculum and facilitates educational experiences with an emphasis on biology. He has a green thumb and love for invertebrates. He grew up dreaming of being a genetic engineer, but instead studied brains in college.


His passion for science, nature, and technology wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful people in his life who encouraged his curiosity and accommodated his learning. While pursuing his degree, he was fortunate enough to take a few elective courses in programming. These experiences made one thing abundantly clear,  in the modern world, not being able to read or write code is to be illiterate. In the words of Sci-fi Visionary, Arthur C. Clarke,“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Michael believes that with today’s increasingly complicated world, to be forced to treat technology as a black box is to be excluded from participation and forced to consume. He sees the Tech Monsters as a way to increase technological literacy and embolden kids to create things that work like magic.

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Miles, Co-Founder

In addition to Co-Founding The Tech Monsters, Miles develops curriculum and facilitates educational experiences with an emphasis on technology. Miles grew up attached to a keyboard and mouse. Thanks to gaming, at a young age he became fascinated with computers.


Thanks to the support of the adults around him Miles had the opportunity to grow comfortable with technology at a young age. He enjoys continuing to develop new skills and sharing them with students in his community. He believes that early positive experiences with technology build comfort and curiosity in the minds of students. Curious people learn for fun and enjoy solving problems. They become leaders in their communities and seek to make them better places. They seek to improve their world by working to understand problems and applying the right technology. Miles believes that technology is a tool in building a more deeply connected and curious community. 

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Adam, Co-Founder

Adam built his first computer at the age of 13.

Around the same time he planted his first avocado seed.

The avocado led to strawberries, strawberries led to bananas, and before anyone knew it, his childhood home was brimming with plants: common and rare. Raised in an entrepreneurial home, Adam was always encouraged to explore his options and try anything once. These experiences helped him bloom into the ever-curious and analytical person he is today. In college he studied economics, and found himself using a great deal of programming in his classes. With these skills he began writing code and exploring the world of software development on his own. This programming experience, coupled with an affinity for botany, led him straight to The Tech Monsters. Adam understands that tech literacy is a direct product of early hands on experiences. The Tech Monsters fosters student curiosity and develops computer knowledge, which is paramount to success in school and in the world.