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Building Tech Literacy

The world is increasingly awash with technology, and building tech literacy is a skill that must be developed to thrive. What used to cost small fortunes, can now be bought for less than most university textbooks. What was once the near exclusive realm of governments, universities, and corporations has become accessible to anyone eager to learn. Technology has never been more approachable, and yet “technology” is an opaque term, and tech literacy is still low.


When I was growing up desktop computers were the norm; tablets and smart phones did not really exist in the consumer sphere. Today kids are primarily exposed to laptops, tablets, and smart phones. While these all-in-one devices are convenient, they obscure something that the old desktops made obvious: the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and tower are all separate parts. I want students to build confidence and fundamental tech literacy by setting up computers “the old … Read More

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The Beginning

To some people a computer is simply a means to interact with software. I find it bewildering that some feel computers are harbingers of confusion and frustration that may as well have slithered into existence from the same nether-dimension from which H.P. Lovecraft drew his inspiration.


I lived, apparently, as a technophile for the past twenty years. I comfortably used Boolean searches to narrow down the difference between mechanical keyboard switches of varying tactile and audible responses. Translated into “normal”, I was comparison shopping for the perfect keyboard. It was baffling to me that other people my age or younger would not have the same interest or affinity for technology. The first few months of this new awareness led to some soul searching and a slow transformation of the goals I wanted to set for my future career. The initial tasks of updating web plugins such as Flash or … Read More

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TTM Collaborative

Nuts And Bolts Class One

Nuts and Bolts is a blog about teaching students to use Raspberry Pi, Mathematica, Arduino, and low voltage circuits to study the world around them. Miles and Michael use the Nuts and Bolts blog to chronicle what they plan to teach in each class, what they actually accomplish, and what they take away from each experience. They will also discuss any insights they gain in teaching the material over at the Feel Spiel.


For their first foray into teaching they will be working with students at Wilson Focus Elementary. Their first class will consist of ten students in 4th through 6th grades. The session consists of one 50 minute class, once per week, for eight weeks.


The objective for the students is to build and apply STEAM skills. The Tech Monsters curriculum starts with learning about sensors. Each student will learn to build … Read More

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