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Real World Data: 3 Strategies for Cultivating STEAM Engagement

The Tech Monsters recently had the opportunity to contribute to Tech-Based Teaching, a blog sponsored by Wolfram Research.


We wrote about our experiences creating the most engaging, edtech extravaganza, we could think of:


Real World Data: 3 Strategies for Cultivating STEAM Engagement.



Catchy, huh? We think introducing real life monsters to kids is a great way to get them interested in…




We really enjoyed working with Alyson on editing this blog post and think it might be the start of something big!

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TTM Collaborative

The Importance of Real World Data to Drive Student Engagement

Before knowledge comes curiosity.


Every expert was once just curious. A successful STEAM education experience must first and foremost be engaging. The Tech Monsters have been turning our gears for a while, developing engaging STEAM content. We would like to share some of our strategies we have found useful for getting and keeping students engaged. We have found that using real world data, one to one hands on learning, and keeping a fun, campy environment to be key for creating an engaging experience.


Look into a typing class and you will see students using keyboards, as well as students off task and disengaged. The students are asked to reproduce documents about as interesting as pages from a phone book. (If they can even imagine what a phone book is.) Understandably, such materials fail to keep their attention. Their lack of engagement denies them the opportunity to build a … Read More

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Building Tech Literacy

The world is increasingly awash with technology, and building tech literacy is a skill that must be developed to thrive. What used to cost small fortunes, can now be bought for less than most university textbooks. What was once the near exclusive realm of governments, universities, and corporations has become accessible to anyone eager to learn. Technology has never been more approachable, and yet “technology” is an opaque term, and tech literacy is still low.


When I was growing up desktop computers were the norm; tablets and smart phones did not really exist in the consumer sphere. Today kids are primarily exposed to laptops, tablets, and smart phones. While these all-in-one devices are convenient, they obscure something that the old desktops made obvious: the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and tower are all separate parts. I want students to build confidence and fundamental tech literacy by setting up computers “the old … Read More

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