TTM Collaborative

Raspberry Pi

Assembly Required



The Plan


Review the proper terminology for all of the equipment. Show the students how to hook up their workstations, including: all cables, components, etc. After the Pi’s are turned on, students will log in and interact with their light sensing circuit via the Arduino IDE sketch we have prepared.



What Went Well


We showed the students how to conceptually plug in all of the cables using a diagram of photographs of the components. The students successfully assembled their workstations. Though we didn’t cover logging in to the Raspberry Pi and opening the Arduino IDE, some students were able to successfully log themselves into their Raspberry Pi. Best of all, when the students did encounter an issue during this process, they helped each other to overcome it.


What Went Wrong


We forgot to print out the USB reference material we had created. We had planned to use this, in addition to the assembly diagrams, to reinforce common terminology to use when referring to the equipment. Without this, we found ourselves repeating past mistakes. The assembly of the students workstations proved to take longer than we expected and we were not able to make it to any of the Arduino IDE material planned for the class. Pieces of hardware were missing, which complicated things for some of the students. Without the terminology clearly defined, they resorted to using, “thingy” and other confusing names for the equipment. Some students conceptually understood which piece of hardware they were missing, but they were unable to communicate their need.



Assembly Required

“Coiled Snakes”



On Cable Management


Some of the more organizationally minded students set out to manage the cables used in their workstations. The students spontaneously created a meme to describe their cable management situation: a pile of snakes. This quickly caught on with the rest of the students as a way of referencing the jumble of cables running from their Raspberry Pi computers to their monitors, keyboard, etc.



Next week on The Tech Monsters


The students and snails are anxious with anticipation to get to the programming and biology aspects in the coming weeks. Next week they will get a crash course in interacting with a database that they create!



Nuts and Bolts